Make your bedroom a cozy cocoon, that's our creed. Trendy materials that blend with your personality. Combinations of colors and materials that adorn your interior. Desires of luxury that accompany your days and nights. We can create the interior that suits you.

The warmth of wood, the nobility of leather, the softness of velvet, the softness of a mattress will welcome you for nights full of plenitude.

At Luberon Création, we make your room to measure so that you have a unique and upscale piece.

The bed is furnished. The wardrobe is a work of art. We can create bedside tables that marry the same material as your bed. And shelves. Or a dresser. Or a footrest furniture. Or a library. All you need to own a custom room and quality.

The bedroom is the heart of the heart, the luxury of rest in an upscale universe. The harmony of the night accompanies you every day thanks to your room Luberon Creation.